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Created by the SHAREit group, SHAREit Light has stretched out the experience of SHAREit to another level.

SHAREit Light enables clients to move photographs, recordings, music and any documents with companions “up close and personal or away”, and there are no confinements on record type, record size or number of files.[Main characteristics]SHAREit 100%Transfer any documents eye to eye with companions, without the requirement for theInternet, and quick lighting.YtShare at any time,Not vis-à-vis? There is not all that much.

SHAERit Light gives you a chance to keep in contact with companions, and you can share any records whenever.

Interesting recordings, hot motion pictures, incredible music, glad photographs, share with companions effectively at whatever point you need.

► Talk and gathering visit

Content informing with extraordinary record sharing, regardless of whether it’s a discussion or a gathering visit.

ny any record type

Move a wide range of records without loss of value: photographs, recordings, digital book, archives, music, apk, zip, content, and so on.

NyAny record size Offer motion pictures, recordings, photographs, music, applications, archives, and some other record types with boundless record size.ny any number of documents Send various documents as one gathering: photograph collection, video assortment, music collection, film assortment, reports, etc.AveSave documents to your librarySave anything you desire to your very own library.Friends sent you a ton of interesting recordings or motion pictures? It’s alright, spare it in your library and look at it at whatever point you need.

Insufficient extra room in your telephone? It’s alright, spare it in your library!NoticeableWe need numerous framework consents for a superior change understanding, and SHAREit Light won’t arrive at authorizations that are not important to our capacities.

With area get to, SHAREit Light can help identify close by clients (when sharing is vis-à-vis, we have to check close by beneficiaries however this ability is remembered for the area consent by Android).

By getting to Bluetooth availability, SHAREit Light can recognize close by clients all the more rapidly to speak with the sender/collector more SHAREit Light (official form) 2.1.58 October 20, 2019SHAREit Light (official adaptation) 2.1.3 8September 30, 2019 SHAREit Light (official variant) 2.1.20 September 12, 2019 SHAREit Light (official rendition) 2.1.12

September 3, 2019

SHAREit Light (official variant) 2.1.10

August 28, 201

SHAREit Light (official variant) 2.1.08

23 August 2019

SHAREit Light (official variant) 2.0.28

August 21, 2019

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Cosmic system does notHAREit is as of now a family name among document sharing applications. In any case, this opportunity they returned with a lighter choice that gives practically every one of the highlights of document offering to a littler record size. In case you’re searching for a snappy apparatus that gives you a chance to move records rapidly and effectively, this is the application you need. Presently you can appreciate sending a great deal of records without occupying a lot of room on your cell phone.

With SHAREit Light, you can send a wide range of documents without checking their size. Regardless of whether you need to send a too light record or something bigger, this apparatus offers you the least demanding approach to send it at fast. Moreover, one of the other key highlights is that you can without much of a stretch send documents to every one of your contacts by essentially adding them to your rundown in SHAREit Light.

Also, you can send and get records without packing them or lessening their size. Along these lines you won’t miss the nature of your music, recordings or photographs. Rapidly move any interactive media record without losing a solitary byte, so in case you’re searching for an application to send and get documents of the greatest, that is ideal for you.

Alongside all the additional highlights referenced already, you can likewise send and get documents unbounded. Try not to stress over coming up short on record approvals, presently with SHAREit Light, you can choose every one of the documents you need and send them at the same time with no outer confinements as far as document size or number of records inside the bundle.

By Erika OkumuraDownload SHAREit Light APK v2.1.58. SHAREit Light has a place with the correspondence and designer classification of this application is SHAREit Innovations Co. Ltd. The normal rating is 0.0 out of 5 stars on our site. In any case, the rating of this application is 4.3 out of 5 stars as per distinctive rating frameworks. Download SHAREit Light on the off chance that you need a free interchanges application for your gadget yet you will require Android 4.4 or later to introduce this application.

You can likewise leave your rating for SHAREit Light on our site with the goal that our clients have a smart thought of the application. In the event that you need to find out about SHAREit Light, visit shareit for more data.

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